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PA- Dakota Harper by Muruni PA- Dakota Harper by Muruni
For :iconpoke-apocalypse:~     ^^^^Click the pic for full HD or whatever

**Edit: Changed the weapon picture so it'd look better. Gosh, that didn't even take long and it looks great! Why didn't I realize this before? XD
**Edit 2: *sneakily changes a person's name from his past*
**Edit 3: *sneakily changes a person's name from his past again*

I rushed this, like a lot XD Thankfully, my messing and not-awesome cell shading is easy to do~ And I really didn't try on making that weapon drawing, btw.

Dakota is always open for RPs~


Name ::
Dakota Harper

Age :: 18

Gender :: Male

Species :: Mega Gardevoir **Shiny

Birthday :: April 27th

Job :: --------

Weapon :: Large metal hammer

Nature :: Quirky

Summary Characteristic :: Mischievous

Ability :: Pixilate (turns Normal-Type moves into Fairy-Type and receives 30% boost in power) 

Moveset :: Moonblast, Teleport, Hyper Beam, Thunder wave


Before the apocalypse

Dakota was born as an only child with two loving parents who treated him like any other child. Later in his early childhood, he was once teased in school about looking like a girl and grew very upset. He told his parents, who eventually grew overprotective of him after that incident and increasingly began to pamper him since he was so sensitive.

He developed an ego and self-confidence, for with his parents always backing him up he could do almost anything and get away with it. Ironically, he grew a liking to pretending he was a girl just to mess around with his classmates who didn’t know he was actually male. Though he never stated his real gender, he made to be careful that no one would find out and tell on him. Despite the fact that he liked messing around with the boys, he was actually completely uninterested in any sort of real love between him and someone else.

Near the end of elementary, he ended up getting associated with a transfer student, a Reuniclus named Kyle. Apparently, this Pokemon wore ‘girly’ clothes and even wore a ponytail despite having short hair. Unlike Dakota, he actually hated being called a girl or anything like that. When they met, Dakota could tell that Kyle had a crush on him. Though this has happened in the past, no one was as attached as Kyle. Either way, Dakota played along in this game.

Even though Dakota was planning to ditch Kyle quickly, he ended up becoming friends with him after learning more about him. Because of this Reuniclus, he actually had more sympathy and understanding for others. The only thing was that he knew Kyle was going to ask to go out with him sooner or later, and he did not want to date another boy.

But as time flew by and they entered high school together, it seemed like Kyle was going to settle on being friends and nothing else. In the summer after their first year of high school, Dakota was surprised to find that Kyle actually asked him out.

Dakota revealed that he was just a fraud, and wasn’t actually a girl. Kyle simply ran away after hearing that, and Dakota felt horrible, considering that he just betrayed his best friend. But the next day, Kyle came back to him and apologized for running away, and that they could still be friends. Dakota was unbelievably relieved and delighted, and so the two continued to be friends. Never again did Dakota try to mess around with boys who seriously had a crush on him, but he still found it hilarious to pull his girl tricks on some of them. 

In his second year of high school, his parents found out about him posing to be a girl and were rather upset that he was doing it just for the hell of it. He was supposed to be a responsible teenager now that he was in high school, yet he was doing this. His parents requested for a transfer so he could start a new and fresh life at a different school while actually being a boy, but he managed to convince his parents otherwise. However, he felt angry that his parents attempted it and decided to be independent and stop relying on his parents.

The rest of high school continued without much drama. However, before his graduation, the zombie apocalypse happened. He and Dakota managed to stick together and fled from the school, and finding that their city was overrun with the undead, they left without much hope left for their families surviving since the city was totally ruined.


Post Apocalypse

Though Dakota already had broken ties from his parents a long time ago, he was concerned for Kyle for he had always depended on his own parents. However, Kyle ended up getting very angry and hurt Dakota in the process. Dakota got angry as well and they fought. A horde of zombies separated them soon, and after regretting his decision and days of searching in vain, he gave up on reuniting with Kyle.

He traveled north, hoping that due to the weather conditions further up, zombies would be less common. A few weeks in, he met up with another group and stuck around with them solely so he could journey up north easier. Though he had decided to never mess around with others by pretending he was a girl, temptations came up and he enjoyed tricking the other members in the group. But he eventually came to the conclusion that they would find out and do something bad to him, so he left that group without forming any solid relationships.

This became a pattern, joining with a group only to leave less than a month later. When it neared winter, he gave up and continued north, avoiding any groups he made contact with. Soon, he came to another city that seemed rather stable. There were groups of survivors that had many members, duties, and more. But, he knew that if he joined either of these groups, his consequences of messing around with them were much more extreme. So he remained in the city, doing whatever he must to survive. And maybe find Kyle, if he could ever be alive.


Over time through the zombie apocalypse, he had changed. As of currently, he is a selfish person who just wants attention and to show off how good he is. He enjoys tricking and manipulating people to get what he wants, but only goes for the gullible and weak, avoiding the strong for he tries to be wary as to not get himself killed. In addition, he also prefers to be neat, organized, and strategic.

Hobbies :: Shining or cleaning his hammer, messing around or manipulating people, looting buildings

Likes and dislikes:

+ Showing off, swinging his hammer, cold weather

-- Getting underestimated, being ignored, his clothes getting dirty


- He uses his psychic power to help him control his hammer

- He has a handkerchief to clean blood off his hammer

- He stole the hammer from one of the groups he was in before

- He likes to fight, but only when others are around so he can show off

- Though it’s not shown in the visual app above, he has a leather light brown satchel slung over his shoulder

- He is 5'6''

Theme song :: N/A

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Megaloceros-Urhirsch Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Omg a MALE Shiny Mega Gardevoir!!! And he is so cute!! T///T
Muruni Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Yep, a male one for once~ And thank you~ >u<
xXEmoDeinoXx Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
sorry if i'm nitpicking, but please could you make his hobbies list a little longer. Just cleaning his weapon is a little boring, and you could include other things such as his enjoyment of messing and manipulating people 
Muruni Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Ah, okay! I was actually a little bit stumped on what to add for the hobbies, so thanks for telling me XD
xXEmoDeinoXx Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
You're welcome, I was just helping out before another mod asked
radicalRomance Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2014
whOA cutie !
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Muruni Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
yes we should~ >u<
radicalRomance Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2014
can i
note you then? e v e
Muruni Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Sure! ^_^
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